The Main Server

  • (1) Active Directory & Domain Server & Exchange Mail Server
  • (2) Main Data Server For All Projects
  • Oracle Data Base Server For Project Work Flow
  • (2) Backup Server
  • (2) PC WorkStation Sharing With KSA Office
  • 10 Cam & NVR Record & VPN Server

Network & Switch

  • (1) Active Directory & Domain Server & Exchange Mail Server
  • (2) Main Data Server For All Projects
  • Oracle Data Base Server For Project Work Flow
  • (2) Backup Server
  • (2) PC WorkStation Sharing With KSA Office
  • 10 Cam & NVR Record & VPN Server

Security Systems

  • (8) IP Security Cam IN Company
  • (1) Registration Of Daily Staff Attendance
  • (1) Fire Alarm System And 16 Sensor

PC’s And Document

  • We Have (80) PC’s In Jawda Co.
  • We Have ( 8 ) Laptop 
  • We Have (3) Work Center Printer

Building Information Model (BIM)

Jawda Engineering Consultants Has Employed A BIM Utility As Part Of Our
State-Of The-Art Plan To Provide Stakeholders With Quality Services Through
The Most Innovated Platforms And Materials. Building Information Modeling
(BIM) Is The State-Of-The-Art Method To Provide An Innovative Coordinated
Platform Between Architects, Engineers And Construction Team. BIM Is A
Symptom Of Building Information Modeling, It Is The Process Of Generating
& Managing Building Data During Its Life Cycle. BIM Uses Three-Dimensional,
Real-Time & Dynamic Building Modeling Software To Increase Productivity In
Design & Construction Processes.
BIM Uses 3D Models To Capture, Explore, And Maintain Consistent And Coordinated Planning, Design, Construction, And Operational Data During The
Lifecycle Of The Project;

  • Links Project Planning To Construction Planning And Simulation, As Well As Visualization During Construction And Digital Fabrication
    • Enhances Project Communication And Collaboration Among Teams
    • Create More Accurate Cost Estimates
    • Deliver More Projects On Time And Within Budget
    • Extract Information From BIM To Pre-Fabricate Building Components To Improve Project
    Schedule, Reduce Cost, Improve Site Safety, And Produce Greener Construction Practices
    By Reducing Material Waste
    • Reuse Building Models And Data To Better Manage Facility Operations
    • Analyze Data-Rich Models To Optimize Resources And Reduce Waste And Lower Lifetime
    Maintenance And Operation Costs
    • Use Intelligent 3D Models To Help Manage Space And Perform Spatial Validation For
    Tenant Chargebacks
    • Provides Greater Project Insight For Cost, Schedule, And Constructability
    • Uses And Shares The Same Consistent Data Whether You’re At Your Desk Or In The Fi Eld
    • Enables Prompt Response To Change With Processes That Are Smarter And Faster
    • BIM Empower Owner By Improves Building Quality, Signifi Cantly Reduces Building
    Lifecycle Costs, Better Understand Design Projects From Beginning To End, Optimizes
    Operational Effi Ciencies And Increases Occupancy And Use Rates• BIM Combined With Cost
    Model Enables Accurate Quantity Survey Of Materials And

What Do We Need To Achieve?

  • Higher Quality, More Reliable Design Information
  • Greater Client Certainty/Predictability (Time, Cost, Quality) Earlier
  • Better Visualisation
  • Better Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration
  • Quicker, More Consistent And Easier Coordination Of Design Documentation
  • Earlier, Accurate, Complete Procurement Data (‘Smart’
  • BOQs); Elimination Of Waste And Rework
  • Better Construction And Project Management (‘Build It Once Virtually, Then Build It For Real’)
  • Better ‘As-Built’, Whole-Life Information For O&M
  • Reduced Risk Factor During Construction
  • Best Control Of Clash Detections
  • Increased Productivity
  • Saving Time And Faster Delivery.
  • Whole Life Asset Management
  • Continual Improvement

Sample Project Done By Jawda Using BIM

Design & Construction Of 132/13.8Kv Substation In Riyad, Saudi Arabia
Indoor GIS Type Substation Arranged In A Double-Bus-Single Breaker Confi Guration In AL AMARIYAH Area,Riyadh.
The New Substation Is Fed At 132kVthrough Two OHL/Underground Circuits
From Another Substation The Substation Is Equipped With Substation Automation System (SAS) And Remotely Controlled From The Power Control
Center (PCC) Through SCADA System, Telecommunication System And Gateway.
Project Includes:
Participation Of All Design Disciplines Of The Electrical Substation Matrix:

  • Planning And Management
  • Electrical Design Work
  • MEP Design Work
  • Structural Design Work
  • Architectural Design And Work
  • Presentations
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Project Time Calculation
  • Work Coordination
  • Civil Design Scope

Construction Model

Construction Model
Construction Model
Construction Model

Electrical Scope

Electrical Scope

Mechanical Scope

Mechanical Scope

Architectural Scope

Architectural Scope
Architectural Scope