Transmission Lines And Underground Cable

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    Transmission Lines And Underground Cable

    Overhead Transmission Lines

    We Offer Integrated Services Regarding Long Overhead, JEC Is Providing Integrated Design Services Including Cables Calculations, Sizing, Spam, Sage Under IEC, IEEE Standards.
    Our Services Include:

    • Conductor Design
    • Suspension Tower Design
    • Angle Tower Type Design
    •  Gantry Structure Type Design
    •  Anti-Climbing Devices
    •  Cable Sealing End (Cse) Steel Structure& Surge Arrester
    •  Transmission Line Route Map
    •  Plan And Profile With Spotted Structure
    •  Conductor Fittings & Hardware Details
    •  Insulator Fittings
    •  Steel Structure Grounding Details
    •  Warning Signs
    •  Terminal Compound Layout
    •  Terminal Compound Grounding System Design
    •  Boreholes Location Plan
    • Sign Board With Electronic Counter Detail
    • Geotechnical Studies And Soil Investigation
    • Structural Design Of Foundation
    •  Site Security Plan
    •  QA/QC Plan
    •  Site Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Plan
    •  Site Work Test Procedures
    •  Final Outage Schedule And Plan
    •  Gantry Structure Design
    •  Foundation Details Of Access Roads Warning Signs
    •  Culverts Designs
    •  Design Of Concrete Crash Barriers
    •  RC Design
    •  Concrete Protection Tiles For Power Cables
    •  Design Of Concrete Duct Bank
    •  Details Of Sand Duct Bank And Direct Buried Trenches

    Underground Cables

      • U/G Cables Overall Route Key Plan And Sectional Details
      •  Link Boxes And Grounding Details
      • U/G Cables Schematic Diagram
      • Cables Arrangement And Details
      • Plan For Electrical & Thermal Soil Resistivity Test Points
      • Underground Warning Taps For Power Cables
      • Underground Warning Taps For Telecommunication