Energy Generation


JEC with our International Partner (JEC & IP) offer comprehensive power plant design and engineering services, as well as preconstruction services to assist our clients in developing scope, cost, and schedule for project execution.

  • Conventional Power Plant
  • Renewable Energy:
  1. Solar Station
  2. Wind Farms
  3. Grid Studies


  • Conventional Power Plant

JEC & IP provide technical support regarding design of a new facility, upgrading of an existing facility or even modernization of an existing facility to achieve new governmental criteria. Our scope of services include;

  • 1. Initial Definitive Study Planning and Implementation
  • 2. Feasibility Studies 
    • • Plant throughput.• Plant location.
    • • Onsite production of additives.
    • • Availability of local supplies of materials.
  • 3. Process Engineering
    • • Test work
    • • Process design
    • • Plant layout
    • • Piping
    • • Control Systems Engineering
  • 4. Mechanical, Civil, Structural and Architectural
  • 5. Electrical Engineering
  • 6. Loss Prevention
  • 7. Environmental and Permitting
  • 8. Mining
  • 9. Constructability and Logistics
  • 10. Procurement
  • 11. Development of Capital and Operating Cost
  • 12. Development of the Project Schedule
  • 13. Value Engineering and Risk Assessment
  • 14. Project Execution Plan
  • 15. Final Report

JEC with our International Partner (JEC & IP) provide an integrated service for all type of solar station including photovoltaic solar energy plant, solar thermal energy plant and concentrating power plants.

Our activities include with no limitation;

  • Support customers for preparation of pre-bid technical documents
  • Providing pre-design and engineering support for investors with financial model on feasibility on investments
  • Selection of right technology
  • Provide engineering advisory support to developers as owner’s engineer’s role to make sure on the design of power plants is the best.
  • Provide complete detailed design & Engineering support to EPC
  • Design support to all capacity of plants starting from small rooftop projects till Multi-Mega Watt solar power plants.

Detailed Engineering Scope

Design& Engineering services include every aspect of technical documentation:

  • Site feasibility and energy estimation
  • General solar plant layout
  • PV simulation with possible option and PR calculations
  • Shadow analysis of the complete plant using PV system
  • DC string design (SLD), DC cable routing
  • Detailed cable schedule with voltage drop calculations
  • DC earthing drawing, Power loss calculations at each stage

Our quality services include:

  • Site selection for solar power plants
  • Solar resource review and preliminary assessment
  • Solar data gathering, interpretation and analysis
  • Modelling and annual energy yield estimates Post contract engineering

We play an instrumental role in developing strategies, design and offering diverse range of services for Lenders / Owners / Developers / EPC Con-tractors to get seamless integration of their efforts and rewards.

  • Detailed Engineering service for lenders / owners / developers / EPC
  • Review engineering service for lenders / owners / developers/ EPC
  • Project co-ordination service for lenders / owners / developers / EPC

JEC with our International Partner (JEC & IP) provide an integrated service for all type wind farms including land based wind farm and offshore wind. Our activities include without limitation;

Our activities for the Engineering and Design of wind farms include;

  • Survey of the site
  • Specifying the positions of wind turbines
  • Determining the layout of the turbines
  • The optimum position for the construction of substation/s.
  • Connection between substations within the site with medium voltage cabling.
  • Connection of Substation/s to Power Grid scope

JEC is providing an integrated grid study services for both solar station and wind farms.

Our activities include with no limitation;

  1. Grid Impact Static study
  2. Grid Impact Dynamic Study, including:
  • Voltage Fluctuation
  • Active Power Control
  • Reactive Power Control
  • Fault Ride Through
  1. Power Quality Study, including:
  • Flicker Calculations
  • Harmonics Calculations
  • Voltage Unbalance
  1. Grid Protection Study, including:
  • Relays Coordination
  • Relays setting