High Voltage Equipment review & FAT and Procurement

High Voltage Equipment Review/ FAT
and Procurement

JAWDA has accomplished successfully all tasks related to equipment review,
FAT and procrument for all voltage levels of substation(13.8, 33, 132 KV).
These tasks cover the PTS, scope of work,prebid and postbid clarifi cations
with coordination with suppliers.

JAWDA has successfully completed the design review & evaluate
the documents of GIS , LCC , protection and control received from supplier
for approval of 132 & 33 KV substations.

JAWDA has been updating its own data base of contact details
of all equipment from diff erent supplier, related to EHV / HV / MV Equipment’s .

Review all documents related to all voltage levels of
substaƟ on, as follow:
A. Review of Base Design for:
1. 132 / 33 K.V. power transformer including technical off er.
2. 132/33 K.V. Power transformer protection panels including technical off er.
3. 132 K.V. GIS.
4. 132K.V SY. Panel including SY. Swing frame& technical off er.
5. 33K.V SY. Panel including SY. Swing frame& technical off er.
6. 33 K.V High impedance B.B.P.
7. 33K.V AIS panels’ switchgear.
8. 132 K.V. LCC Schematic diagram panels including technical off er.
9. Auxiliary transformers.33/0.415 K.V
10. 132 K.V. low impedance B.B. protection panels including technical off er.
11. 132 K.V. Bus coupler protection panels including technical off er.
12. 132 K.V. underground cable protection panels including technical off er.
13. AVR/RTCC control panel.
B. Review of Detailed Design for:
1. 132 / 33 K.V. power transformer.
2. 132 / 33 K.V. Power transformer protection panels.
3. 33 K.V. High impedance B.B.P (including Technical off er)
4. 132 K.V. underground cable protection panel.
5. 132 K.V. B.BP low impedance.
6. AVR / RTCC control panel.
7. Motor drive for power transformer TC panel.
8. Cooling system control cabinet of power transformer.
9. 33 K.V switchgear including, U/V and U/F Schemes.
10. 132 KV bus coupler protection panel.
C. Review for the following:
1. 132 GIS SLD and gas compartments.
2. 132 GIS layout including C.T/V.T arrangements.
3. Link Box documents.
4. Joints for underground cable.
5. X/R ratio as well as losses of power transformer.
6. Cable termination for GIS and transformer to release for manufactures.
7. Tariff panel metering
8. 132 KV LCC Panels including S.Y frame
9. 132 KV SY. Panel.
10. 33 KV SY. Panel, including S.Y frame.

JAWDA has been fi nalized & evaluated the FAT test procedures and ITP
received from supplier before submission to client for approval and attend &
witness the FAT at factory &issue shipment release report

FAT Auditing has been done for the following:
1. Power transformer ABB make 75/100 MVA.
2. Auxiliary transformer 500 KVA, UTEC make.
3. 132 LCC, ABB Make.
4. 132 GIS, ABB Make.
5. 33 KV Switchgear (AIS) ABB Make.
6. 132 KV cable feeders protection.
7. 132 KV BBP Panels.
8. 33 KV BBP Panels.
9. 132 KV Bus section &Bus coupler protection panels.
10. 132 KV power transformers panels.
11. 132 / 33 KV synchronizing panels.
12. 132 / 33 KV Annunciators Panels.
13. 132 KV Cable 1200mm2&630 mm2.
14. 132 KV cable termination, cable sealing end, insulated joints, through
joints, bounding cable &link box, etc.
15. A lot of materials such as pumping PACU units, FF&FA.

JAWDA has worked as technical support of procurements & successfully
issued RFQ for all equipment.
JAWDA has been completed & prepared purchase order (PO) including
term conditions of PO of all equipment.
JAWDA has full experience about all conditions of PO, such as ex-work,
payments via LC or progress invoice, Technical support during PO issued in
light of standards, PTS & Scope of work.etc.
Jawda has a good experience for Technical meeting arrangement/preparing
agenda with supplier for fi nalizing PO.

JAWDA successfully issued the RFQ, as well as
P.O for the following equipment’s
1. Auxiliary transformer 500 KVA.
2. NGR.
3. O.H Crane & Jib crane.
4. Communication system, such as PDH, SDH.
5. Protection & control.
6. ACDB & DCDB panels.
7. Battery & Battery charger.
8. RFQ & PO for testing and commissioning.
9. RFQ & PO for installation, cable pulling & cable termination.