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JEC staff provides unique design services to clients throughout our branches in Saudi Arabia for more than 15 years and in Egypt for more than 6 years. In recent years JEC has expanded its services to provide individual specialties as part of a multi-disciplinary team to meet the needs of the client.

JEC design areas of expertise include:

A- Electrical
  • Complete base and detailed substations design.
  • Complete power plants design.
  • MV & HV panels design.
  • Transmission & Distribution systems design.
B- HAVAC & Mechanical Scope of works
  • HAVAC and chilled water for industrial commercial & residential systems.
  • Firefighting systems.
  • Steam generating and hot water system.
  • Pumping Stations for water, sewage and Oil.
C- Civil & Structural
  • Concrete and steel structure design.
  • Foundation Design for building & equipment’s under static & dynamic effects.
  • Shop drawings & bar bending schedule for civil work.
D- Architectural
  • Architectural base and detailed design.
  • Architectural landscaping.
  • Architectural interior design.
  • Working drawing.
E- Control and Protection Panel Design:

JEC provides customers with complete detailed design for HV & MV protection, control, annunciation AC, DC and AVC panels. Our design criterion is based on customers’ specification and /or international standards. Our design calculations and drawings are made with a flexible schedule to meet your needs. 
JEC utilizes professional software packages that support the following design tasks:
  • 2D electrical and instrumentation diagrams- schematics, single line, wiring diagrams, etc.
  • Design of electrical panels and plant raceway systems in 3D.
  • Cable routing, providing alternative routes and providing cross section reports.
  • The scope of panel design includes but is not limited to the following tasks:
    • Front panel design.
    • Connection design.
    • Schematic design.
    • Interface design.
    • Writing diagram design.