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The extension of existing 110kV Substation Al-Naga (Madinah) with Four (04) 110kV bays. Three of these new positions (bays) shall be utilized for the 3x 50/67,110/13.8kV Power transformers and One (01) for the connection of one of the new 110kv cable feeders, complete with Control & Protection SCADA & LDC, New 3X110/13.8kV, 50/67MVA transformers with +12.5%, -20% OLTC, YNyn0 (d5) and 22% impedance at 50MVA, New 13.8kV switchgear comprising of thirty eight(38) breakers, The continuous ratings should be 3600A for the bus bar, transformer incomers & bus ties, and 630 A for the distribution feeders. The short circuit ratings for all 13.8kV equipment should be 25 kA, To replace/modify, if required, the existing (1) 110kV current transformer installed on the 110kV bay AD06 at NAGA with new CT of appropriate capacity to cope with the existing feeder breaker of capacity 1000amps, Remote end, SCADA & LDC Extension for the above work, Civil and electro mechanical work